"My House & My Family": Interactive Lesson Plan and Activities to Teach Online.

Lesson: My House and My Family.
Grade: Primary
Subject: English and Environmental science
                        A family is made up of people who are closely related to each other. And a house is a place in which such people live. The lesson is having activities of both family and house. The activities are mixed with language content and moral values. It gives a scope to students to learn the language and also think about values.

Activity 1:
Circle the appropriate word:
           Use the below picture to start an interaction with your students. Students may aware of the things and materials used to build a house. So ask your students some interactive questions before starting the activity.
1. How many rooms do you have in your house?
2. In which kind of house do you live in?  
3. Whom do you live in your house?
               Now ask your students, we need so many things and materials to build a house. The material may differ from house to house. So observe the below picture. Read the words and circle the words appropriate to the given house. Share the picture with your students.

Activity 2:
Read and watch the story:
"Hi! I am Priya. I am studying 2nd class. I live in a small town called Dharmapuram. This is my house. It is so beautiful. It has three rooms. This is the kitchen, my mother cooks here. This is the bedroom, I sleep here. This is the hall, I watch tv and study here. It has a small garden. I water the plants every day. I live with my parents, brother, and grandparents. I help my grandparents. My father is a driver. My mother sells fruits. My uncle and aunt visit our house at the festivals. I love my family."  
Watch the video and answer some questions given in the think section. Click here to answer the questions.
Activity 3:
Discussion: Thinking about values
          Students, you have watched the story of Priya. She is good, active, and responsible. Being responsible means doing your duty on your own as best as you can. Observe the below pictures. Are you following such good practices or not? Have a discussion. Share the pictures with your students. Let them share some good practices they do regularly.                                         

Activity 4:
Write each word in the correct place.
           Students, you know Priya is good, active, and responsible. Priya regularly does some works at her home. Here is a list of tasks. Can you guess the tasks? Write each word in the correct place. Share the picture with your students and ask them to fill. And also share their regular works. 

Activity 5:
Matching: Match the things with the rooms.
                 Priya's house has three rooms. And it has some things and objects. Help Priya to place the things in the correct room.

Activity 6:
Family tree. Prepare your family tree.
                A family is made up of people who are closely related to each other. Meet Priya and her family. Priya lives with her brother, parents, and grandparents. Priya drew her family tree. Observe the Priya's family tree and answer the questions. And also prepare your family tree. Share with your teacher and friends.
1. Who is Priya's mother?
2. Who is Priya's brother?
3. Who is Priya's mother's brother?
4. Who is Priya's father's brother?
5. Who is Priya's uncle's son?
6. Who is Priya's mother's sister?

Activity 7:
How do you help?
                  Priya is helpful. She always helps her grandparents. write what Priya and her brother can do to help their grandparents. And share, how do you help your grandparents?

Activity 8
How do you feel?
                    Priya keeps her room clean. Observe the picture. How do you feel if you have a room like this?

  • It is very important to have doors and windows in our house. Will you be able to live in a house without windows? Yes/No why?
  • Share your opinion with your teacher. 
I hope you like the lesson. Thank you. 

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Unknown said…
Really your work Very much apt to your blog,'s name. Very creative. 👏👏👏 . All the best sir
Sarvani said…
Extraordinary work Rajesh sir, Hats off to you

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