Let's play - (Indoor and outdoor games) - Ted Ed video lesson.

Lesson: Let's play
Topic: Names of some Indoor and Outdoor games
Grade: Pre-primary and primary
Subject: English

Objectives: Able to know the names of some indoor and outdoor games.
                   Able to ask his/her favourite game.
                             This is a video lesson to teach the names of some indoor and outdoor games. And you can also practice them the dialogue "What is your favourite game? My favourite game is...." After watching the video children can answer the questions in the 'think section.' This can help the children to evaluate their understanding.

            Meera, Anu, Raju, and Ali went to school. After the lunch break their teacher told them to go and play.  They went to the playground. Ali said shall we play Kho-kho? But Raju said we will play kabbadi. They formed teams and played "kabaddi."  They had great fun.
           Children, they played 'kabaddi.' What other game do you know? Which games do you play with your friends? Here in this video, you can see some games. You can also know some indoor and outdoor games. And finally, you should say 'what is your favourite game? Discuss it with your friends. Click on the image to watch and answer the questions.

             After watching the video you should answer some simple questions given in the think section. Thank you.

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