Lesson plan to Teach Moral Values - May I help you? - An interactive lesson plan and activities.

 Lesson: May I help you?

Subject: English and Environmental studies.

Class: Pre-primary and Primary

Skills: Speaking, reading, and writing.

                     Moral values are standards that help an individual choose between right and wrong or good and bad. This understanding is necessary to make honest, credible, and fair decisions in daily life. Knowing good moral values such as kindness, humility, courage, and compassion at an early age builds a child's character. It forms the very core of their being and becomes a foundation of their moral beliefs. This is why it's essential to start teaching them moral values while they're still children.

                       The lesson and the activities are ignited your students 'How he/she is special? and What makes them special?' in order to make the value-oriented persons. It has a Ted-Ed video to comprehend your student's learning by answering simple questions at their home. Click here to answer the questions in the 'Think' section.

Activity 1:

I Am Special:

Just like all the creatures in the animal kingdom are special, so are you!

                   Use the below flashcards and make a discussion in the class. If you are teaching online ask your students to write or share an audio clip of their responses.

1. You are special:
                  Each one of us is special. Show/share the flashcard and ask your students 'How he/she is special?' 'How you are alike and different from others?'
2. Know what you are good:
                Each one of us has something we are good at doing. Show/share the flashcard and ask your students, what they are good at doing? Why they want to do it? Why don't want to give up?

3. Treat others with respect:
                           Just as you are special, so are others too. Show/share the flashcard and ask your students"How do you treat elders, neighbors, and friends?"

Activity 2:
Matching: Things I Like to Do
                  All of us like to do different things. Show/share the flashcard and ask your students to select an activity that matches their interests. Draw lines to math the children with the activities they like.

Activity 3:
Video Lesson: May I help you?
                Each one of us is good at something. We can also help in many ways. Here is the story of Madhav. He is very kind, active, and helpful. He always respects others.  
                  "One day Madhav was walking to school. On the way, he met an old man. The old man wanted to cross the road. The road was busy with vehicles. Madhav asked the old man "May I help you?" The old man replied, "Help me to cross the road, dear." Madhav helped the old man to cross the road, on the Zeebra lines. The old man blessed Madhav and went away. Madhav was very happy.
After watching the video you can ask your students to answer some simple questions by clicking the below link. "Video and test Link."

Activity 4:
What makes us special:
            As you know each one of us is good at something. We do so many good things in our daily life. Look at the pictures carefully. What does the picture tell you about the person? Tick the correct box. Ask your children to check in the right box and share it with you.

Tell your students to discuss with their friends and share such works they do in their daily life. Hope you enjoy the lesson. Thank you.

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