My Likes - Creative Speaking Task for Grade I

Grade: Preprimary and Grade I
Skills focused: Speaking and creative expression.
                                  Someone said, "Learning a foreign language is like a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time, progress is slow and incremental, and there can be many setbacks along the way." So language learners first need to have a growth mindset. This is when they believe that their abilities in learning a language are not fixed but can be developed. Not all learners will reach the same level of proficiency, but with the right kind of effort, strategies, and investment of time and will, every learner can improve.
                            So some innovative strategies and activities will develop learners internal skills and make them active participants in the learning process. So as teachers we need to concentrate more speaking and creative activities to make young learners speak and listen more. 
                           Here is a creative fun speaking task to talk about their likes. Really I am appreciating my learners for their active participation though they don't know the alphabets. First I told my likes using gestures to make my learners attentive and link the words with a gesture. I drew different fruits, birds, pets, and games in a mindmap and I told...
I like my friend Jai,
The fruit I like is  mango,
The game I like is cricket,
The bird I like is parrot,
The pet I like is dog.
I made them practice for some time using gestures. Gestures helped them to remember the words and recall the sentences easily when they speak. And then, I asked them to choose their favorite bird, game, pet, and fruit form the mindmap. Then I told them to ask their friend which bird, which game, which pet and which fruit he chose. This was made them practice the words of birds, games, pets, and fruits and also helped them to identify which comes under which category. Later I asked them to express their likes one by one.
In the next period, I gave them different fruits, birds, pets, and games pictures and asked them to pick their favorite one from each category. And also I gave them an image of a boy and girl and asked them to prepare a fliped heart book by pasting the images.

            Hope you enjoy the topic. Thanks for reading.

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