Common vs Proper Nouns - Learner Centered Touch and Learn Grammar Material

Topic: Common Nouns and Proper Nouns
Class: Primary
Skills: Grammar and Reading

                     Teaching grammar for primary children is somewhat difficult. We cannot teach grammar rules in the primary stage because their cognitive level cannot accept and understand such critical matters. So I always use an interactive student-centered material to teach grammar informally in the part of a lesson.
                      You can find different innovative activities to teach grammar in my previous posts. Here I prepared an interactive self-learning student-centered digital material to understand the common and proper nouns for the students. Repeated and kinesthetic learning will be taken place in using this material. This will lead to getting the concept very easily and retain the concept in their brains forever.
                      You can download and open in mobile, tab and PC to teach your children. Children can touch and see whether the word is a common and proper noun. The teacher should facilitate by adding other words related to the noun to generalize the concept in the student's brain.

                   Please feel free to say any suggestions and hope you enjoy my post and blog.
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