Running Race - A language game for practicing reading and writing skills.

                              Running Race is a known language game to practice reading, and writing in a joyful way. It is also a cool game to do comprehension in a fun way.  You can easily adapt the game in any context, subject, and class. . 

How to play:
  • Prepare the words or sentences that you are going to practice or write with them.
  • Make sure students should read the words or sentences well before playing the game.
  • Write the words or sentences on paper slips and paste or place them at the end of the room or outside the room. (Minimum distance should be required for a proper run and play.) 
  • Make your students into pairs.
  • Tell them in the pair one is a runner and the second one is a writer.
  • Tell them the writer should sit in the room or at the other side of the room facing opposite to the word/sentence slips with a paper and pen. (Proper distance should be maintained)
  • Tell them runner runs to the slips, reads them, and comes back to the writer then dictates the sentence or word. 
  • Tell them only one word or sentence should read and dictate at a time. 
  • The writer writes the word or sentence that his/her runner dictates.
  • The runners run, read, and dictate until all words or sentences are completed.
  • The team that writes the maximum no of words or sentences correctly will win in the given time.
                        I use this to practice and comprehend words and sentences in a lesson. Mostly I use to make practicing new words, storylines, and answers.

(Vocabulary slips on a wall)

(Runner and Writer)
Runners and writers

(Runners are reading the words) 

(Runners are dictating the words to their writers.)

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