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Welcome to School - A Ted Ed based interactive video lesson.

Lesson: Weclome to school Grade: Preprimary and primary Subject: English.                  It is a TEd Ed based video lesson for self-learning of students. They can read and know the things and places in a school. Students can also learn some simple language functions like how to introduce themselves and their friends to a class. And also they can know the grammar part of "Articles." 
                 The entire lesson is having different sections. Each section has a video with some simple comprehension questions. Students should click on the image to get the lesson. They can watch and answer the questions by just typing their name.
1. Warm-up time: Objective: Able to describe a place and identify the things and persons                 Here is a picture of the activity. Just click on the below picture to watch the video. Observe the picture. Guess the place, the person greeting the children. And share your answers.
2A. Action time: Objective: Able to read the names of the things in …

A practicing Ted Ed video for introduce a friend to a class.

Lesson: Welcome to school.Topic: Introduce a friend.Grade: Pre-primary and primarySkill: Speaking.                      It is a practicing video to observe and introduce him/her and their friend to a class. Students watch the video and answer the simple questions which are given in the "think" section. Just click on the below PPT and watch the video.This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office.

Things in my school bag. A vocabulary actvity

Lesson: Welcome to school.Garde: Preprimary and primaryTopic: Things in a school bag.Skill: Vocabulary.             
This a small video-based activity to teach vocabulary. Observe the video and learn the names of the things in Meera's school bag. Just click on the below image and watch the video. This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office.

What is this? A video based practicing activity using TED Ed.

Lesson: Welcome to school.Grade: Pre-primary and primary.Topic: Practising question and answer. (What is this? This is a school.)Skills: Speaking and writing.          It's a video-based activity using Ted-Ed. Children watch the video, practice question and answer, and describe the things using the structure "This is..."This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office.

Welcome to school - Warm up activity

Class: Preprimary and PrimaryTopic: Picture description Activity: Watch the video and say the description.

                 This is an interactive warm-up activity-based on the face sheet. Children have to watch the video and write the test. you can get the video lesson from Ted-Ed once you click on the image.
This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office.