Mutual Dictation: Integrative Reading and writing Activity

Topic: The Nation's Strength - Rhyme
Grade: 4th 
Skills: Listening, Reading and Writing.

                             The main aim of the activity is to target the reading and writing skills by dictating the information to each other in order to get the complete text.    
              This is one of the great activities to develop listening, reading and writing skills integratively. Mutual dictation will help the children to develop writing skills as well as reading very effectively. 
                  You need to choose a proper content to do this activity. You should prepare two parts (Part A and Part B) of the content which are having a different vocabulary of the same content. It means the words missing in Part A's worksheet should there in Part B's worksheet. The "Partner A" should dictate the words to the "Partner B" and "Partner B" should fill the gaps without watching the "Partner A" worksheet in order to get the full content. And same as to do by "Partner B" once he or she fills the worksheet. You can see the below worksheets to understand better.

  • Pair the students as one is partner A and another one is partner B
  • Tell them they each have a worksheet having some missing words and should complete the worksheet without watching their partner.
  • Tell them one should dictate the words and other should listen and fill the gaps in the worksheet.
  • Now Partner B continuous the same as dictating the text in order to complete his or her worksheet.
  • At the end, you can get the students to compare their two halves of the text and correct any mistakes.
It is great for encouraging learners to cooperate together and also has a fun puzzle element which keeps motivation up.
I practiced this activity when I was trained in RIESI Bengaluru.
You can download a sample worksheet from the below link.


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