How do teachers start and plan the first day school? "Making Friends"- Innovative and Simple Lesson Plan.

How do teachers start the first day of school? How do I plan my first lesson? What is a creative lesson-planning idea for the first day of school? To answer all these questions, here is the innovative and simple lesson plan "Making Friends" for the first day of school.  The simple, fun, and creative lesson plan helps you to start your session joyfully.  

Topic: Making friends (first day at school)

Subject: English

Skills: Listening and speaking


  • Students will be able to follow the simple instructions.
  • Students will be able to draw a face.
  • Students will be able to introduce his/her friend.
Teaching aids (TLM): Camera/mobile phone, pictures, drawing paper, glue, sticky tape.

  • Show students a camera or mobile phone (realia) or prepare a model.
  • Take a snap and ask to mimic the sound made by the camera.
  • Elicit the sound 'click'
  • Do the actions of clicking and tell students to follow. 
  • Now give a chance to students. Students take turns to click the camera and others say 'Click, click, click.'  
  • Ask a few questions. For example, 1. Have you ever taken photos of anyone? 2. Whose photos did you snap? 3. Have you ever taken your family photo? ...etc.
  • Tell your students that we are going to sing a song.
  • Introduce the song "CLICK! CLICK!" line by line.
Here is my camera, 
Here is my camera,
Click, click, click
Click, click, click.

Let's take my picture,
Let's take your picture,
Click, click, click,
Click, click, click.
  • Tell students to sing the song and do actions. (clicking the camera.)
  • Repeat the activity by the students clicking at each other while singing.  
  • Divide the students into groups. Students do the action of taking photos of group members.  
  • Tell your students that you will draw your friend's face.
  • Distribute the drawing sheet. (Download the worksheet.)
  • Students can sketch a simple portrait of their friends based on given instructions.
  • Suggested instructions. (1. Draw a big circle in the box. 2. Draw two small circles as eyes. 3. Draw a triangle as a nose. 4. Draw a line as a mouth. 5. Add the hair. )
  • Once they complete the drawing, tell students to interview their friends and complete the worksheet.  
  • Tell students to ask their favourite food, colour, age, and physical appearance in simple phrases. (for example, blue/brown eyes, short/long/curly hair, ..etc.)
  • Students can interact with each other and complete the task. 
  • Tell your students to talk about their friends based on the information gathered. (Suggested description: He/She is ________. He/She is _____ years old. He/She likes ______. He/She likes to eat _____. He/She has _________.)  

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