Professions and Services - Community Helpers Craft Writing and Speaking Collage Activity

Lesson: Professions and Services

Title: Community Helpers Collage Activity


The objective of this activity is to help students understand the roles and responsibilities of different community helpers while enhancing their creativity and fine motor skills. You can use this activity in the "Community Helpers Lesson Plan for Primary and Kindergarten."

Materials Needed:

1. Color papers (various colors)
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Printed images of community helpers (e.g., police officer, firefighter, doctor, teacher, etc.)
5. Markers
6. Large sheets of paper or cardboard for the background (optional)

Community Helpers Craft and Writing Activity

1. Introduction:

   Begin the activity by discussing the concept of community helpers with the students. Talk about who community helpers are and the important roles they play in our society. Show images or small props representing various community helpers to engage the students.

2. Materials Distribution:

   Distribute colour papers, scissors, glue, and printed images of community helpers to each student. If you're using large sheets of paper or cardboard for the background, distribute those as well.

3. Cutting and Pasting:

   Instruct the students to cut the colour papers into house models. They can be as creative as they want with the shapes and sizes. Then, guide them to paste the community helpers' images onto the houses. Encourage them to arrange the images in a way that represents a community.

Community Helpers Craft activity for primary classes.
4. Writing:

   After pasting the images, ask the students to write the name of the community helper and a brief description of their profession. This can include what they do to help the community. Remind them to use markers for clear and visible writing.

5. Presentation:

   Once the collages are complete, allow each student to present their work to the class. Encourage them to share why they chose specific community helpers and what they learned about their roles.

6. Class Discussion:

   Conclude the activity with a class discussion. Ask students what they enjoyed about the activity, what they learned about community helpers, and if they discovered any new professions. This also provides an opportunity for you to reinforce key concepts.

Display the community helpers collages in the classroom or a common area to showcase the students' creativity and share the learning experience with others.

This activity not only helps in understanding the importance of community helpers but also promotes teamwork, creativity, and public speaking skills.

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