Personal Safety and Safety Rules (Home alone and Lost) - Lesson Plan and Activities

Theme: World of self - Home alone and Lost

Topic: Personal Safety

Objectives: Students will be able to

  • listen and respond to the given stimulus on personal safety by using appropriate words, phrases, and expressions with the correct stress and intonation.
  • able to speak on personal safety with guidance. 
Teaching Material: Video, audio recording, task sheets, and picture cards
Task 1:
  1. Tell students to watch a video on personal safety.
  2. Lead students to talk about the video clip
Suggested questions: 
  • What is the video about?
  • What should you do if you are the child in the video?
  • Have you ever gone through such incidents?
  • How do you behave with strangers?
  • What personal details should you know?
  • What should you do when a stranger touches you?

(Video Credit: Fight Child Abuse)
Task 2 A:
  • Students listen to the teacher's explanation.
  • Observe the flashcards and talk about personal safety.
  • Practice the expressions that would say in the situation.
           We see people we do not know everywhere. people whom we do not know are called strangers. All strangers are not bad, but some may harm you! When you are alone, be extra careful around strangers.
  • Tell students to practice the responses Nikku said to the strangers when she met with strangers.
Task 2 B:
Students, Being responsible means doing your duty on your own as best as you can. Observe the below pictures. Are you following such good practices or not? Have a discussion. Share the pictures with your students. Let them share some good practices they do regularly.

Task 3:
  • Tell your students to listen to an audio recording on personal safety.
  • Tell students to answer the task after listening to the audio.
  • Play the audio recording again and ask pupils to complete the task.
Task 4:
  • Students listen to the audio and do the task.

Task 5: 
  • Display the below interactive presentation.
  • Tell students to read the instructions and observe the situations.
  • Explain the situations for their better understanding. 
  • Students observe and do the task.

Task 6:
  • Put the picture cards in a box.
  • Students work in groups.
  • Each group leader picks a picture card from the box.
  • In groups, students discuss the personal safety measures depicted in their picture.
  • Each group presents its answers in front of the class. (provide guidance if necessary)

Task 7:
  • Display the picture.
  • Tell students to observe the situations.
  • Tell them to write down the possible responses you should say in the situations.
  • Students observe and write their responses.
  • .Distribute the task sheet.

Task 8: 
  • Tell students to learn their parent's phone numbers so they can call when they need help. 

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