"Let's Plant Our Green Friends"- Lesson plan and interactive activities.

Lesson: Let's Plant.
Subject: English
Grade: Primary
  • Able to know the parts of a plant.
  • Able to know the different types of plants.
  • Able to know the benefits of the plants.
  • Able to know the importance of planting.
Activity: Understanding (Parts of a plant)
    Plants are also living things like us. They need food, air, and water to live. Rani has come to her grandfather's farm for a holiday. She takes a walk around the farm with her grandfather. She sees a lot of plants. Most plants are green in colour, but a few are also yellow, red, and even purple. Grandfather tells Rani that plants differ from each other in size, colour, and shape, all of them have similar parts.

Activity: Think and Understand
          You can see many plants around you. Some are small and some are big. Do plants also have body parts like us?
          There are different types of plants around us. Each one of them is unique in their own way. However, all plants have similar parts. Each part helps the plant in a different way. All the parts are important for a plant. Grandfather tells Rani about these parts and how they help the plant.

Task: Fill in the blanks
       Solve the following riddles. 

Activity: Understanding (Different types of plants)
                          Let us now learn about the different types of plants.
        Grandfather explains to Rani that all parts of a plant are important to help it live and grow well. Rani tells her grandfather that she wishes to grow some plants around her house in the city. Grandfather takes Rani around the village and tells her about some of the types of plants she could grow.

         Rani has learnt about the different plants around her. Help Rani to do the below task.
Activity: Dialogue Cards - Game

Task: Matching
         You have learnt about the different types of plants around us. Now play the fun game and find the match.
Activity: Understanding (Benefits of plants)
Rani wants to know why her grandfather has so many plants on his farm. Grandfather explains how plants help humans and animals in many ways so it is useful to have many plants on the farm. Observe the below mindmap.

Rani has learnt how plants are useful to animals and humans in many ways. She feels that, in return, she should take care of plants and encourage everyone around her to do the same.

Task: Paint and write.
  Tell your students to write about how plants help humans and animals. Tell your students to draw a plant using their hands and write about its benefits. Observe the below worksheet to do the activity. (Note: Use your palm to get stems and branches. Cut a heart shape on the potato and use it to paint leaves.)
Activity: Watch the Story 
One day, Rani took a seed from her grandfather, Rajanna. She wanted to sow the seed. She put it in a pot. She filled the pot with some oil. Then she poured some water. After a few days, she saw a plant with some flowers in the pot. Rani felt happy to see butterflies and bees on her plant.


Click here to answer questions. 

Task: Rearrange the sentences.

Activity: Think and Understand (Thing needed for a plant.) 
Plants need water and sunlight to grow properly. So, we must water the plants and make sure they get enough sunlight. Some of us may have plants at home and take care of them. We must be careful and make sure we do not hurt them. So, plucking leaves from a plant or pulling the plant apart is not good.


Hope you enjoy the lesson plan and activities.
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