Daily Routine - Lesson Plan and Activities to teach online.

Lesson: Daily routine
Grade: Primary
Subject: English

                   A daily routine provides structure and a logical sequence in our lives. It provides the framework within which we live our lives and conduct our daily activities. Talking about what happens every day at certain times can help our students find a feeling of security in the daily routines. and in the certainty of knowing that tomorrow will be just like today. This lesson focuses on vocabulary to talk about daily routines and using the present simple.

Task 1: Warm-up activity - What's the order?
           The task helps the learners to know the logical sequence of the actions in our lives. Tell your students to observe the pictures and put the pictures in order.

Task 2: Watch and answer.
              Tell your students to listen to a song about the things that we do in the morning. Tell them to recite the rhyme aloud with gestures and actions and answer the simple questions.

Task 3: Read the words
             Tell your students to observe the pictures. Tell your students to click on the audio icon, listen to the audio, and learn the vocabulary. (Note: The picture is incorporated with the "Thinglink tool" to make an interactive image.)
Task 4: Watch the story.
         Ramu is studying 2nd class. He always helps his parents. He wakes up early. Do you know what does he do regularly? Watch 'Ramu's' story.
                          "Ramu lives in a village. His father is a milkman. They have some cattle. Ramu wakes up early in the morning. He likes to see his father milking buffaloes and cows. He also goes with his father to sell milk.  He goes to school after work. He goes to school regularly. He always helps his friends. In the evening he studies for some time and goes to bed."
            Tell your students to watch the story and answer questions.

Task 5: Let's follow!
        Some ways a routine can help include: Better stress levels lead to improved mental health, more time to relax, and less anxiety. Your daily routine influences your quality of rest. Your sleep schedule and bedtime habits affect your mental sharpness, performance, emotional well-being, and energy level.
Here are some important tips to know and follow in our daily life.  Tell your students to read, understand, and follow the tips.

Task 6: Listen and say.
                 Tell your students to listen to the video clip. Tell them to record their daily routine activities by saying like...
Ex: I bruh my teeth every day.
       I wash my face every day.
       I comb my hair every day.
       I go to school every day. 

Task 7:  Watch and write.
                      Tell the students to watch the video. Tell them to observe the flashcards and notice the actions. Tell them to download worksheets and observe the actions. Tell them to write the action word and use the action word in a sentence. Tell them to observe the sample worksheet for better understanding.

Download the worksheet2

Hope you enjoy the lesson. Thank you.

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