"Turn your story lines to speak - A lively story creation"

                    Audio helps recall memories, enhance brain activity and stimulate the brain (Molyneux, 2007). Audio media is very useful in developing the listening skills of students (especially for language learning). Audio media supports distance learning. Audio media helps in memorization (music, mnemonics, etc).  The result is an engaging way of storytelling that invites creativity and collaboration.

Audio is a powerful device that can add emotion or context to a story. So using a online tool you can give liveliness to your stories or events. You can add emotions, speech, meaningful music and direct music to the sentences and words in a story. You can prepare such audio stories and use in your classroom to create great interest among your children. SoundCite is a simple-to-use tool that lets you add inline audio to your story. The audio is not isolated; it plays right under the text. You can go to knightlab.northwestern.edu website to create such stories. Here you can see I have prepared the below story and add relevant music to the phrases and sentences. It helps the students to understand the contextual meaning and gives liveliness of the story. 

"Victory to you Maharaja!" said the hunter to Sri Krishnadevaraya with a beautiful parrot in his hands. The king raised his hand and asked him to come near. The hunter went near the king. "This parrot is beautiful", the king said. "Yes, your Majesty! This can be a pleasant company to her Highness, the Maharani." The hunter handed over the parrot to the king. The king duly rewarded the hunter and sent the parrot to the queen Tirumala Devi. The queen, in her turn, put the bird in a golden cage.Seeing the king the queen thanked him with a beaming face. "Thank you, Maharaja! You have honoured my chamber with a beautiful gift." The king smiled, "I know Maharani, and you will be overjoyed with this gift.."
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