"MY FAMILY" - Unit Transaction Part 1 ( Rhyme translation and speaking tasks)

Class: Primary.
Skills focused: Listening, speaking and creative skills.
                               Teaching to young learners is a quite hard task for teachers. They have a lot of energy. Rather than trying to squash this energy, find positive ways to use it in the classroom. You want to create a safe, stress-free environment that everyone can enjoy learning in. And also it is important to make your lessons relaxed, fun and creative so that students get moving around and speaking with one another.
                                    So I have planned my lessons in a fun and interesting way. Children love rhymes and also the repetition of words, ideas, and skills are important for early brain development, as it creates secure foundations for early learning. Using rhyme, rhythm and repetition in song, while reading or even to make up your own rhymes, is great fun for children.
                  Children will dramatize rhymes to develop language, literacy, creative thinking, and social skills. Most children enjoy hearing and participating in rhyming activities, and when they are exposed to rhyming, they usually pick it up naturally.

                                   So I have started the unit with rhyme. I have prepared flash cards to make them understand the meaning of the words, caring, loving, sharing and smiling. And also prepared masks of family members to enjoy the rhyme. I made them practice and read the words well before choreographed the rhyme. The flashcards helped them to understand the meanings of the words and get the rhyming easily. 
                                In this part i am going to describe the rhyme transaction and speaking tasks. Later I will post writing and extend speaking tasks of the unit.

Rhyme Transaction:                           
                          Here I have used the flash cards and started teaching the phrases, caring father, loving mother, sharing brother and smiling sister. This will help them to practice and understand the words in the rhyme easily. In-spite of the teaching the family members names the cards have helped me to introduce simple sentences like "He is my caring father. She is my lovely mother."  So the cards gave a scope to learn the language form the given context. Once they have practiced the lines in the rhyme, started the transaction and choreographed the rhyme. You can watch the presentation in the below video.

Speaking Activity:   
                          Here I have prepared an innovative model to teach and plan a speaking activity for my children. By using this model I have made them speak a few sentences about their family in order to only learn family members names (father, mother...etc.) I also use the same model for multi-grade children (level specific teaching) to speak and describe in different ways. So the model helped me to create an interesting environment and leaned the content in a fun and easy way. You can watch my children's presentation in the below video and also for level-specific description.

                    It is important to understand how your child likes to learn best. Which are the child's dominant senses? Do they like pictures and reading? If so you can encourage your child to use drawings, pictures, maps or diagrams as part of their learning. I hope you enjoy the lesson. Thank you for reading.
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