"Language games for an effective and vigorous teaching"

Topic: Language Games,
Skills: Reading.

Guess Me:                         
                                This is a good language game to practice new or difficult vocabulary in a lesson. Children will learn informally and remember the words forever by playing this game. Because practicing and learning new words in a lesson is a big challenge to teachers. So this game will help your children and teachers to make their learning successful.

How to play: First you need to choose new or difficult vocabulary in a lesson. And you should write those words on teacups. Then you need an object or toy-like, Spiderman, Heman, animal or human..etc. Then you should place the teacups like showing in the picture and keep the object which you bring under any of the cups without showing to the class. Keeping or placing the object under the cups should be secret every time, children must not see it.
                         Then you should divide the class into two or three groups based on the strength. And every group should select their leader. The leader will come to the dais and ask a question to his group with "where." Like where is the spiderman?" (if you bring spiderman toy.) Then his group members have to say "under the word...." (wrote on the teacups. Ex under the kind.) Then he lifts the cup and checks the spiderman toy is there, if not they will lose a chance and say another word. If they don't guess in three chances they lose a point Then second group leader will come and play.
                      Like you should continue and play the game until the words are familiar to all the children. So this game will help the children to learn quickly and effectively.

Word Bricks:
Word brick is a good language game to comprehend vocabulary.

How to play: 
                      I have used this game to comprehend the vocabulary related to the family members for my 1st class children. My main motto is children have to identify the family members and arrange those words in a hierarchy.
                     So I have prepared seven sets of family member names on small rectangle slips like shown in the below picture. These slips are called word bricks. Sets should be equal to your class strength. My class has children so I have prepared seven sets. ( Seven father slips, seven mother slips ....like that.)
                       I placed and scrambled these slips (bricks) at a corner of the class. Later I have drawn seven tree diagrams at another corner of the class to place the slips on it to complete a family tree. Then I have instructed my children to run to the corner and pick a slip and place in the tree in the correct place and who completes the family tree first will be the winner. 
                      Children enjoyed a lot and leaning also taken place in an effective way. So you can adapt this game to prepare pronouns, antonyms, synonyms, and adjectives matching or according to your content. 

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