An Effective Puppetry Presentation to transact a story

Lesson: The Naughty Turtle
Subject: English
Class: 3rd
Skills: Reading, Speaking, and Creative Skills.
Activity: Storytelling.
                           This is one of the best transaction methods in my teaching career. And once again it's proved that proper TLM and transaction method will give tremendous results and create the best learning environment in a class. And such methods will stimulate the learning characteristics of every child. 
                             This was a famous story of a turtle and storks, who made a clever plan to take the turtle along with them. So to transact this story I prepared scene wise puppets and backgrounds to understand the lesson very easily. Once they visualize the story they can easily understand the difficult words and sentences. And also no need to switch into the mother tongue. 
                             As usual, I started the story by asking interactive questions and elicited the related vocabulary. Later I asked my children to describe the scenes and guessing the story while I was changing the backgrounds and puppets. They responded well and described the scenes and narrated the story in their words. 
                             After their explanation, I started narrating the story only in English. I also wrote the sentences on the board to read and spell the new words correctly. The puppets, setting and board work helped the children visualize the story and remember the sentences well in order. And it was a great help to me to not to allow the Telugu (Mother Tounge ) meaning of the sentences to understand the story and also help my learners comprehend the story very well after the lesson. 
              Later I instructed my students to open the textbook and read the story and discuss it in groups. Then I assigned the sentences to my children to retell the story. Every child was asked to read the sentences according to their ability. So my main motto is every child should get involved in the learning process without any hesitation. Finally, I asked them to write the story in their own words in groups and present it.
                           You can see the below pictures and video how my children retell the story.





(Children's Presentation)

Download the Video
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