Kids Train - Innovative Teaching Model - Unit Transaction

Class: III
Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Creative Writing.

             The Unit Transaction of Kids Train was started with a rhyme......

    Here comes the train
Blowing Whistle
toot toot toot......
Chuck chuck chuck.

 Once children choreographed the rhyme, I asked them to identify the key glossary and gave stress to read and understand the meanings of the new words. After that, I asked a few concept checking questions to check their understanding of the content.

  • What is the sound made by the train?
  • When do the passengers get into the train?
  • Why does the guard Jhonson wave the green flag?
                      Later I gave an activity to prepare a train model by pasting the parts of the train on paper and asked them to colour the train and write the parts of the train and write the answers to the questions given on the topic. Through this activity, I targeted the writing skills of my children. This activity helped our children to memorize the key glossary and the concept of the rhyme.


                   Later I started teaching of main reading part of the Unit "Rail Raja". Before transacting the reading part, I asked my children to speak on the picture of a platform in a railway station given as an interaction picture of the reading part. I facilitated my children to speak few sentences about the picture like......
  • This is a railway station.
  • This is a platform.
  • These are passengers.
  • They are waiting for the train.
  • They get into it only when it stops.

 Here you can see the video of our children speaking on the picture.

            And then I prepared a model to teach the reading part "Rail Raja." In this reading part, the writer described the RAIL RAJA, a train. So I prepared a train model and 2D model chart of different places on the earth which a train passes through given in the textbook. I thought this model will help me a lot to transact the lesson, learn the new words and spellings, quick learning, and speak about the Rail Raja easily. Finally, it did it.
                     I described the Rial Raja, it has many wheels, run on rails, an engine on his face, bogies as his body, the tail is the guard's room, and go to various places using the train model. Later I asked my children to describe the Rail Raja like this.
                     And then I taught them different places which the Rail Raja passes through using the chart model. Children also learned the sentences very quickly. Using this model I introduced prepositions, through, along, over and under. Here you can the video of our children.

               Finally,  I prepared a reading chart to develop the reading skills. I wrote the reading part on a chart. And I used the same colour to the same words in the reading part, which helped the low-performance children to identify the word quickly and memorize better. This chart helped them to develop their reading skills.

 Finally, I evaluated my children in the formative assessment.

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