Unit Transaction of Teaching Time

Lesson: TIME
Grade: 2nd
Academic Standards: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Subject: English
                              I think it is one of my best unit transactions. Children were engaged in different speaking, writing activities and ended the unit with a language game. And a watch model helps me to drag the children's attention towards the class. I think it vibrates the learning characters of all type of learners.
          I started my lesson using the model and asked so many questions and elicited the answers from my students. 
1. What is it?
2. What do you use for?
3. Have you ever seen?
4. How many numbers are there?
5. What are the numbers on the petals?
6. What is the time now?
7. What time do you wake up?
8. How many needles are there on a watch?
9. Are they same?
                 Later I explained the parts and functioning of a watch. And then I explained how to read a watch and say the time.

Once they understood, I started asking time in English. I wrote the question and answer on the board and asked every student. 
"What is the time now? 
 It is 10 'o clock."

Later I gave a worksheet and asked them to write the spellings of the numbers and note down the time in the given box to comprehend how far they understood the concept.

Speaking activity:
             Then I divided my children into pairs and told them to ask the time to your partner. They practiced the questioning well. The worksheets were helped them to practice the language. They asked the question by pointing the worksheet to their partner.

Writing activity:
              And then I want to comprehend the wriritng skills of my childern. So I gave another worksheet to write the quesion and answer practiced in the speaking activity. Once they completed the worksheet I asked every student to present in fornt the class in order to read and practice the sentences well. I recoreded every student's reading skills and showed them back in the next class to check and imporve thier lanuague skills.

(Reading Video)

Language game: "Wolf, Wolf ..! What is the time now?"
                               And finally, we played a language game related to asking the time, "Wolf, Wolf, What is the time now?" 
How to paly:
      One student acted as a wolf in the class and he stands at the board facing towards the board. Other students stand in a line at last in the classroom facing the wolf. Now they ask  " Wolf, Wolf, What is the time now?" Wolf says his own time like "It is 3'o clock", children forward 3 steps towards the wolf. If wolf says 5'o clock they forward 5 steps. Again they will ask the time wolf gives an answer and they step forward respected to the time. After third or forth time wolf says "It's time to eat" instead of telling time children will run and wolf catchs and eats a student. Like you can contine the game. 

So in this entire unit transaction, children learned different vocabulary, asking time and giving the answer. So I didn't take any separate periods to teach vocabulary, numbers, and spellings. The process of transaction gave a cumulative knowledge to equip the four skills of language.

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