An Innovative Speaking Tool - MY SCHOOL

Class: 2nd.
Lesson: MY SCHOOL.
Language Skills: Speaking. 
                        We know very well listening is more important in learning a language. In order to develop the rest of the language skills, we need to give much listening input to children, especially for second language learners. So such material will help teachers to speak about the content though they haven't good professional skills. And also create good English environment in the classroom. As the teachers, we need to concentrate on to engage the children in such activities and use some interactive learning materials to speak and write more.
                       I prepared this speaking tool based on activity in our textbook to create some curiosity among children. I started the lesson "My School" by showing the model. I asked some interactive question based on their knowledge. I showed the model and explained the places in a school. And then I gave the below description.
"This is our school.
I like it very much
This is our office room.
This is our headmaster.
This is our classroom
This is our teacher.
This is our library.
I keep my classroom clean.
I love my school."
                    And then I taught them how to ask "wh and yes/no" questions to get information. I asked below questions and explained to them how to give answers. 

 "What is this?" 
"Who is this?" 
"Do you like it?"
"Do you keep it clean?"
"Do you love your school?"
                    Later I conducted a speaking activity. By this activity, children learned to ask "Wh" and "Yes/ No" type questions. And they learned the sentence structure using "This", and also learned new vocabulary related to the school.  You can see my children's interaction in this video.

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