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"The Pot of Wealth- An Innovative Learner Centered Story Transaction"

Topic: The Pot of Wealth
Class: 4th
Skills: Reading and speaking.

                          This is one of my best story transaction methods and also a learner-centered teaching strategy. I strongly believe that teaching-learning material will always give twin benefits to teachers and students to transact and understand a topic well. Innovation in the learning material is an added advantage to a teacher to stick their student's concentration and achieving the targeted standards easily. And also it changes your monotonous teaching strategy into a versatile transaction.
                            The main hurdle in establishing English environment in the second language classrooms is, teachers are not proficient to simplify a story and transact for 40- 45 mints continuously in English. So in these situations, learning material will help the teachers to transact the story in an understandable way without switching into their mother tongue. Here is my another trail to transact a story using a model in a learner-centered way.

"This was a story about a pot having full of gold and silver and two honest farmers. It was found in their field and the gold was turned into skulls and bones when a greedy king was trying to rob. Finally, the story was ended by a suggestion of the king's Wiseman."

               I chose six students and allotted characters Narrator-1, Narrator-2, Old farmer, Neighbour farmer, King, and Wiseman or minister to transact the story. And also I prepared story or dialog cards for the characters. Later I gave those dialog cards and asked them to read for some time. Then I pasted a model of pot on the board and called the first character and asked him/her to read the dialog. And also I wrote the dialog on the board to made other students read and understand. Like I called the characters one by one in order and made them read and respond.

                  Once the dialog or story part was read by the character I asked my students to respond and explain the meaning of the dialog. While the character was reading the dialog I revealed the character picture from the pot. ( You can see in the above Image and in the below video also.) Like I have made the characters come and read the story dialogs and other students respond. So revealing the characters and situations according to the story from the magic pot made the class very interesting and thrilling. And also it made my learners understand the sentences easily without translating into their mother tongue. So in this learner-centered teaching method, students read, transact and understand the story their own. As a teacher, I facilitated them by preparing a model for better understanding.

           In the next period, I asked my students to transact the story without watching the story cards. They did it very easily. Here is the video of my children's presentation and hope you watch the video to understand the post well.


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