Adjectives- Grammar Activity and Language Game

Topic: Adjectives
Class: 3rd Grade
Skills: Speaking, Writing, Grammar, and Creative Expression.

              Here I am going to describe how I taught an adjective topic to my 3rd class students in an activity based. I started my period by asking my students to say some words that we use to describe a person or thing. They gave some examples in their mother tongue, I megaphoned them into English, wrote on the board and also added some other words. I explained the meaning of the words and made them read well. After a small interaction by giving some example sentences using the words, I told them we are going to play a language game.

Language Game: "Snow Ball Fighting"
               It is one of the well-known language games to develop creative writing skills. I have used this game to stimulate my students to write about his/her friend using those adjectives during the transaction.

How to play:      
  • Give a white paper to each and ask them to write their name on the top of the paper.
  • Tell your students crush or fold the paper and make a ball.
  • Make your students stand in a circle with the paper balls.
  • Tell your students that you should throw or shoot with paper balls for a few minutes. Students should be advised to avoid throwing the paper balls as high as the face. Thus students start the "snowball fight."
  • Let them play for a minute. And then stop and ask to pick a ball and sit in their places.
  • Tell your students to open the paper and write a few sentences about the person whose name is on the paper using the describing words. (don’t show it to others)
  • The teacher should guide how to write by giving some clues if necessary.
  • Once they write, again tell them to crush or fold the paper and start shooting or throwing.
  • After a minute of joyful play, tell them to stop and stand in the circle by picking up a ball each.
  • Now tell your students to open the paper and read the sentences loudly one by one.
          So it's very interesting to know "What does your friend feel about you?" and also develop creative writing skills. 
After this game, I told these words are called adjectives and used to describe a noun. You can use this game according to your topic and level of your students.

Activity: Colouring, writing, and reading.

In the next period after the introduction of the adjectives, I gave colour papers to my children and told them that write six adjective words suitable to your character. Next, I gave head and legs pictures and told them to colour it. Later I told them them to prepare a puppet of you by pasting the paper like shown in the picture. And then I divided my children into groups and asked them present like,

"I am a good, short, young, active and handsome boy/girl." and "He/She is a good, short, young, active and handsome boy/girl." 

So children experienced and went through different speaking, writing, and creative tasks during the transaction. Here you can see my children's presentation in the below video.


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