Language Game - Running Race

                             This is a known language game to practice reading, writing and increase the grasping capacity of a child in a joyful learning way. We can use this game to practice or read and write the vocabulary and sentences. Especially it is useful to develop the memory skills and increase the learning capacity of a child.
                              To play this, we need to pair the children first. In that pair, one will be the runner and another one is a writer. The writer has to write a sentence or word dictated by his partner (runner). First, we need to stick or place the vocabulary slips or sentences just distance from the writer or outside the classroom, which we are going to teach or practice by the children. Now instruct the pairs, the runner has to run outside of the class where the slips are placed, read and memorize the word or sentence, and come back to his or her partner (writer) who sits in the classroom. and dictate the sentence or word. Like the runner has to run till he dictates all sentences or words. The pair who completes the first and write all the words or sentences correctly will be the winner.
                              My children enjoyed a lot when I play this game. We played this today to learn spellings of the new words in a lesson.

(Vocabulary slips on a wall)

(Runner and Writer)

(Runners are reading the words) 

(Runners are dictating the words to their writer.)


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