Running Race - A language game for developing reading and writing skills.

                             This is a known language game to practice reading, and writing in a joyful learning way. It is also a cool game to do comprehension in a fun way. We can use this game to practice or read and write the vocabulary and sentences also according to grade. You can easily adapt the game in any context, subject, and class. 

How to play:
  • Prepare the words or sentences that you are going to practice or write.
  • Make sure students should read the words or sentences well before playing the game.
  • Write the words or sentences on paper slips and paste or place them at the end of the room. (Proper distance should require to run and reach the words.) 
  • Divide your class into teams and each team has two students.
  • Tell them in the pair or team one is runner and the second one is a writer.
  • Tell them the writer will sit in the opposite way with a paper and pen on the other side of the room. (It means the opposite wall of the word or sentence slips that we have pasted.)
  • Tell them runner will run to the slips, read them, and come back to the writer then dictate the sentence or word. 
  • Tell them only one word or sentence should read and dictate at a time. 
  • The writer will write the words or sentences that his/her runner dictates.
  • The runners will run, read, and dictate until all words or sentences are completed.
  • The team who writes the maximum no of words or sentences correctly will win.
                         My students have enjoyed it a lot when they play the game. I use this to practice and comprehend words and sentences in a lesson. Mostly I use for practicing new words, storylines, and answers.
(Vocabulary slips on a wall)

                   I have made them read and understand the words well before playing the game. It helps the students to learn the spelling of the words informally. 

(Runner and Writer)

Runners and writers

(Runners are reading the words) 

(Runners are dictating the words to their writers.)


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