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I am very delighted to have won the Britsh Council's FEATURED BLOG OF THE MONTH  for March 2019 for my post "Language Games for Teaching and Practicing Vocabulary" And also I am the first Indian blogger who receives this award. Thanks to each and everyone for your support and love.

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An Interactive writing task on Community Helpers

Topic: Community Helpers
Class: Primary
Skills: Writing, Reading, and Speaking.

                                A joyful classroom environment always leads to good learning even in a low resource classroom. Learner-centered teaching activities will give great results and can easily achieve multiple skills at a time. And moreover, students learn the language informally when they are engaged in such activities.

                          While teaching the lesson "COMMUNITY HELPERS" I planned the activity to target speaking and writing skills after teaching about the community helpers. Along with that, I engaged my children with a ball game to enact like washerman, potter, and tailor..etc., for a better understanding of the characters.
                         In this game, students stand in a circle and pass the ball while music plays. The person who holds the ball at the time music stops, he comes to the middle of the circle and pick the card and enacts the character. The students stand outside of the circle should say the answer, like "he is a potter or this is a potter." After this activity, I conducted the below writing activity by providing the required material. I instructed my students to paste the images on the house chain and write a sentence using this "This is a washerman."
                   Later I divided my children into groups. I told them to practice in question and answer way like "Who is this?" " This is a doctor." The low-performance children only practice the sentences like " This is the police." They enjoyed a lot.
                                                   (Video: Read the characters )

 (Video: Question and Answer)


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