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A creative writing task on a city.

Topic: About your city. Grade: 4th class. Skills: Writing.                Writing is a complex skill to develop and master, focusing on both the end product and the steps to arrive there. Writing skills only develop when young learners are taught how to write and are given opportunities to practice these skills and strategies.                So such visual worksheets help young learners a lot to develop writing skills. Such worksheets and engaging writing tasks are very important, especially for second language learners. I gave this writing task after a lesson "A trip to Horsley Hills" The theme of the lesson is sightseeing. So after this, I asked my learners to write about their city.  Here is the digital lesson transaction. A trip to Horsley Hills

Download the Worksheet.

Amazing Reading Activity

Class : 2nd Grade and Slow Learners Language Skills Focused : Reading.
                          Wow..! It's working superb, I can't believe this. One day I got an idea to reduce the reading burden of big paragraphs and an interesting reading activity to enhance my children reading skills as well as increase the ability of reading skills in slow learners. I implemented this activity and results were amazing.               What I did, I prepared a gist of a lesson and prepared a small pictures related to each sentence giving central idea of that sentence. I also used the pictures given in the text book given to few vocabulary. later I started narrating the story using the pictures in two periods, and then I prepared the sentence slips to match the picture. While I am narrating each sentence or paragraph I gave the picture and slip to each child and ask them to read and ask them to identify that sentence in the textbook and read them aloud. I continued this with all children. R…

Innovative Spelling Activity

This a great and innovative spelling activity to learn spellings for the primary children. I found this activity in Teachers Dilla's English Facebook page. I used this activity in my class and children enjoyed a lot. I can't believe this will make my work easy and interest.


Interactive speaking and written approaches using picture cards

Grade: 2 Language Skills Focused: Speaking, Reading and Writing.
             An interactive teaching material will always leads to great output in teaching. Children in early school days they love to learn in play way method. So as a teacher we should prepare such innovative or interactive TLM regarding the content.               I was very happy  to share my children responses because I didn't expect my learning strategies will lead to achieve such objectives.              I planned this lesson using some picture cards. I acted like these animals what they can do during the lesson. And asked my children to imitate like me. Once they were confident with oral responses I guided them to write on paper. I prepared a worksheet to colour and write about abilities of those animals.

(Written Worksheets)

(Picture Cards)

(Oral Responses-Video)