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A creative writing task on a city.

Topic: About your city. Grade: 4th class. Skills: Writing.                Writing is a complex skill to develop and master, focusing on both the end product and the steps to arrive there. Writing skills only develop when young learners are taught how to write and are given opportunities to practice these skills and strategies.                So such visual worksheets help young learners a lot to develop writing skills. Such worksheets and engaging writing tasks are very important, especially for second language learners. I gave this writing task after a lesson "A trip to Horsley Hills" The theme of the lesson is sightseeing. So after this, I asked my learners to write about their city.  Here is the digital lesson transaction. A trip to Horsley Hills

Download the Worksheet.

Speaking Tool - A Sliced Apple

Class:1st class and below Academic Standards: Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary.
This is a good vocabulary tool/TLM to the teachers to teach vocabulary and small language sentences. Such type of material can help teachers to develop holistic language usage. In spite of teaching  vocabulary individually, teachers should adapt such concept to give brief idea of an object to the students.  If we teach like " It is a red apple , It is a round apple, It is a big apple....etc, children can repeat or speak such sentences instead of introduce only word apple. (I thankful to teaching English Malaysia FB page to post in their page.)