Telugu VARNAMAALA Worksheets, practice videos and Activities (తెలుగు వర్ణమాల మరియు కుృత్యాలు)

                    Here I prepared two videos to practice the Telugu alphabet and recognize the letters in a random way. Especially these videos help the teachers to create interest among the children and reduce the work burden and children for self-learning. Though these are regular videos they will help the teachers to learn the alphabet for Dyslexia and low-performance children. Because of the new way of teaching the TELUGU language is changed from "Letter to the Word" to "Word to the Letter" since learning happens from known to unknown. So once you are taught the words then you need to introduce the alphabet in the particular word. So in this word-based teaching, you need to practice the alphabet separately between the periods. So these videos may help your children to learn and memorize the alphabet better than traditional teaching.

                  This is the video to practice and gives listing input to the children. Usually, we use charts and flashcards to practice the letters. But always we cannot with those. Sometimes we need to change our teaching method to create a better learning environment in the classroom. So I hope this video will your children to do more oral practice and remember the alphabet well.
(Varnamala Video - తెలుగు వర్ణమాల)

              This video is designed to recognize the letters. Letters randomly appear on the screen children have to identify the letter one by one. And you can give exercise to the children to say a word starting with the letter also or you can conduct quiz activity using this by dividing your children into groups.

Probable Activities to do with this video:

  1. Oral practice.
  2. Identification of the letter.
  3. Trace the letter.
  4. Say a word with this letter.
  5. Clour the letter (If you supply the Alphabet Worksheet)
  6. Clour and trace the letter (If you supply the Alphabet Worksheet)
  7. Quiz Competition.
  8. Prepare Letter Grid and write the words using these letters.
  9. Alphabet Housie Game.
  10. Arrange the letters in the correct order. 

 (తెలుగు వర్ణమాల PRACTICE VIDEO)

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SESHU709 said…
Very Nice Rajesh
For My said…
Only 24 letters are present in the downloaded rar file. Can you share the full set of Telugu letters please.
For My said…
Can you share the full set of telugu alphabet worksheets for writing practice.
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