My Family- Innovative Model

Class : 1
Unit : My Family
Targeted: Listening, Reading, and speaking.

                                   I have thought it is one of the best model to introduce the family members. I have found this teaching model in Teaching English Fun learning Facebook and thanks to admin to reveal such a great teaching tool. I have used this model in my class and my children enjoyed a lot. You can give listening input through this model and can give chance to students to speak and explain the characters. While you are giving listening are narrating, first you have to show the model and explain  this is a house. later you have to open the window and say this is me (Rajesh) and this is my house. Later you can ask questions to create curiosity among children like, shall we enter into the house? Can you guess who are they in my house? Who are they in your house?..etc. Later you have to open the big doors and explain the characters and ask the children to interact.Now you can explain the characters like below.
   I have given listening input like...
                          This is my house, (Showing the picture)            
             I am Rajesh,(Open the window door)
                  He is my father,(Unfold the big doors)
                    She is my mother,
                  She is my sister,
                It is my kitten,
                     And I love my family.. 

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Unknown said…
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Thank you sir for your teaching techniques

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