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4 practical ways and activities to improve writing skills.

Improving writing skills to primary children is the biggest challenge for teachers. Especially the students who are learning English as a second language are getting much trouble to improve writing skills. Here I am discussing some practical tips and activities which I have been using in my classroom to my young learners. 

                       We know very well, writing is the utmost skill. It means it's a hard skill for primary children. And in the LSRW, listening leads to speaking and reading leads to writing. So a student wants to speak he should listen well as well as he wants to write he should read well. So we should concentrate on reading to get good writing skills. But most of the teachers are not following the psychological order of language skills. So you want to develop writing skills first concentrate on speaking and reading skills. So you need to give such speaking and reading activities in order to get good writing skills.                   …

MY PET WORLD - Speaking and Writing Activies

Lesson: MY PET WORLD Rhyme
Class: 2nd
Academic Standards: Speaking, Writing and Creative Expression 
                          This is a good rhyme for the primary class children to introduce animals, birds and their actions. I transacted this rhyme totally active based and targeted speaking and writing standards. Children also learned and wrote about animals and birds very easily and achieved targetted standards.   

Cuckoo Cuckoo where are you? 
I'll come and learn how to sing.
Monkey monkey where are you? 
I'll come and learn how to swing.
Parrot Parrot where are you? 
I'll come and learn how to talk.
Cat cat where are you? 
I'll come and learn how to walk.
Peacock peacock where are you? 
I'll come and learn how to dance.
Kangaroo  kangaroo where are you? 
I'll come and learn how to hop.
Eagle eagle where are you? 
I'll come and learn how to fly.
Fish fish where are you? 
I'll come and learn how to swim.

                          I started transaction the rhyme using picture cards of the animals and birds in the rhyme. Later I asked my children to say about those animals and birds what they can do. I elicited the vocabulary and wrote on the blackboard. And then I asked my children to underline those words in the textbook. And also I asked my children to pick out the rhyming words. 
                         Later I explained the abilities of those animals and brought out the action words related to the animals and birds. Children came to knew, Cuckoo can sing, Monkey can swing, Cat can walk......etc. Children practiced the spellings of the vocabulary and evaluated.
                        I had given a worksheet to colour and write the names along with the matching activity. 

 Download the Worksheet 1

                                    And then I planned a speaking activity using flashcards. I explained using gestures like "I am cuckoo, I can Sing" by showing the cuckoo flashcard. I continued and acted with the rest of the cards and wrote the sentences on the board. Later I asked my children to come and say by picking the card. They presented very well and practiced the sentences also. This activity helped me to do writing activity and children wrote about them in sentences on a given worksheet.
                                  Children had undergone different writing and speaking activities. Finally, I gave the tune and choreographed the rhyme. You can download the worksheets and watch my children's presentation in the blow video and links.

Download the Worksheet 2
                                      Hope you enjoy the lesson and use in your classroom.


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