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I am very delighted to have won the Britsh Council's FEATURED BLOG OF THE MONTH  for March 2019 for my post "Language Games for Teaching and Practicing Vocabulary" And also I am the first Indian blogger who receives this award. Thanks to each and everyone for your support and love.

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Easy Self Learning Videos and Worksheets for Telugu Guninthalu ( గుణింత ఒత్తులు " ు, ూ, ె, ే, ై " పరిచయం )

                            These are the second part of the videos to learn Guninthalu easy and effectively. In these videos, I introduced five OTTULU ( ఒత్తులు ), " ు, ూ, ె, ే,  ై " for all the letters. You can download and practice with your children in your classroom. These videos will help to engage the class and give an effective learning environment in the classroom. And you can download related worksheets to practice writing after these OTTULU. It is effective material than charts and flash cards because nowadays children are easily attracting to technology and learn their self. Such content also retains in their brain than other things. So using technology and such video in our teaching leads to attaining targeted academic skills among the children.
                           So I hope you download the videos and use in your classroom for better learning of your children.

(Note: These worksheets are designed by TELUGU BADI @ALBANY)
  • క, గ, జ, చ  అక్షరాల గుణింత ఒత్తులు " ు, ూ, ె, ే,  ై " పరిచయం

  • ట, డ, త, ద అక్షరాల గుణింత ఒత్తులు " ు, ూ, ె, ే,  ై " పరిచయం

  • న, ప, బ, మ అక్షరాల గుణింత ఒత్తులు " ు, ూ, ె, ే,  ై  " పరిచయం

  • య, ర, ల, వ అక్షరాల గుణింత ఒత్తులు " ు, ూ, ె, ే,  ై  " పరిచయం

  • శ, ష, స, ళ అక్షరాల గుణింత ఒత్తులు " ు, ూ, ె, ే,  ై  " పరిచయం


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