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4 practical ways and activities to improve writing skills.

Improving writing skills to primary children is the biggest challenge for teachers. Especially the students who are learning English as a second language are getting much trouble to improve writing skills. Here I am discussing some practical tips and activities which I have been using in my classroom to my young learners. 

                       We know very well, writing is the utmost skill. It means it's a hard skill for primary children. And in the LSRW, listening leads to speaking and reading leads to writing. So a student wants to speak he should listen well as well as he wants to write he should read well. So we should concentrate on reading to get good writing skills. But most of the teachers are not following the psychological order of language skills. So you want to develop writing skills first concentrate on speaking and reading skills. So you need to give such speaking and reading activities in order to get good writing skills.                   …

A strategy for developing "Reading Skills"

Grade: Primary and Slow Learners
Language Skill: Reading.

Picture/Story Cards Method:
                            My children are very poor in English and it was quite difficult to develop reading skills with them. They couldn't even understand simple stories without me translating into the mother tongue. So, to reduce the reading burden and help them understand, I prepared picture or story cards for every lesson. I turned each story into a picture story by preparing picture cards for every sentence in the story. The cards illustrated the contextual meaning of each sentence and key vocabulary, so if a story had 30 sentences, I prepared 30 pictures based on the keywords in each sentence. Then I began telling the stories using these pictures.

                           After two or three periods the students were able to recite the sentences while looking at the pictures. Once they were orally good, I added reading slips to the pictures. And next, I told the story using the pictures and sentence slips. I pointed to and read every word on the slip along with the picture to enable them to visualize the words they were orally repeating. Finally, I told the story using only the sentence slips to develop their reading skills. I also got the learners to match the picture cards to the sentence slips to consolidate reading and understanding.
This method really helped me to reduce the use of the mother tongue, and it helped my students to develop their reading skills quite quickly. Now they are very good at reading and it took just three months! I can't believe how effective this method was.
                           Later I prepared self-access videos using these pictures and slips for very low-performance children. You can watch these videos on my YouTube channel "Rajesh Kouluri", for example, see ‘My Village’ here 

"This teaching method was selected as one of the best top 20 teaching with technology methods in India by the British Council and Central Square Foundation."


  1. Wow!its an amazing reading activity.Its just for kids and you are sharing a superb post for reducing the reading burden of big paragraphs.Its very helpful and we are getting confident from this.Thank you so much.Custom essay writing service is the better service that helps students for their academic course while giving more and effective tips for writing works.

    1. Thanks, I don't know whether it is correct or not. But it 's giving the best results to my 2nd class children, who came from rural background.

    2. Thanks, I don't know whether it is correct or not. But it 's giving the best results to my 2nd class children, who came from rural background.


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