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ACTIVATE - A Digital Handbook for Teachers of English

A teacher handbook was written by me with my practical classroom activities to help teachers. It has full of project-based activities to learn English easily for primary students. Every lesson has a speaking, reading and writing activities along with classroom videos. If you interested to purchase the book please leave a message to my mail kouluri.rajesh@gmail.com or +91-9704487533. Thank you.
Book Price: 450rs (Courier Charges Extra)
KEY FEATURES: 1. First-ever teacher handbook with practical activities. 2. QR code for every activity. 3. Detailed transaction of every lesson with innovative learning-centered       learning material. 4. Each lesson has a speaking, writing and language game. 5. Supplementary activities with photocopiable worksheets. 4. Level specific and grade-specific teaching methods. 5. Specially designed video lessons to develop reading skills of low proficiency      children. *************** TOPICS: 1.Pet animals, 2.My habits, 3.Community helpers, 4.Our school, 5.Respect to the …

Running Race: A Comprehensive writing activity

Activity: Running Race
Competency : Reading and Writing
Class : 3 and above

                     This is an one of the good writing and reading activity. In this activity children can read, remember, recite and write the language content with great spirit.
                             In this activity first we have to identify some sentences from a passage, Rhyme or in a Grammar part, which we are going to learn or practice. Then you should write each sentence on a small paper slip. You can give 5 to 7 sentences in this activity. Later you should place these sentences at varanda or out side of the class.
Now you should group our students into pairs. In that pair one will be Reader and other one Writer. Like other pairs also should notify the Reader and Writer. Now teacher should give the instructions to all pairs, all readers should run out side the classroom, read and remember the sentence and rush to their partner who sat in the classroom and recite the sentence, then the writer should write the sentence with out any mistakes. Like all pairs should keep running until completion of the all sentences. So who does complete the first without any mistakes will be the winner.

So through this activity children can learn these sentence unconsciously. And also it gives chance to develop memory power and it remains for ever.


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