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"The Pot of Wealth- An Innovative Learner Centered Story Transaction"

Topic: The Pot of Wealth Class: 4th Skills: Reading and speaking.
                          This is one of my best story transaction methods and also a learner-centered teaching strategy. I strongly believe that teaching-learning material will always give twin benefits to teachers and students to transact and understand a topic well. Innovation in the learning material is an added advantage to a teacher to stick their student's concentration and achieving the targeted standards easily. And also it changes your monotonous teaching strategy into a versatile transaction.                             The main hurdle in establishing English environment in the second language classrooms is, teachers are not proficient to simplify a story and transact for 40- 45 mints continuously in English. So in these situations, learning material will help the teachers to transact the story in an understandable way without switching into their mother tongue. Here is my another trail to transact a sto…

Innovative borrow Maths activity

Teaching Borrow subtractions is some what difficult. But cards will us to teach in better understating way and if they familiar with this arrangement children automatically get good conceptual idea.
  First see the below arrangement. In this arrangement every child should take 4 cards and place these cards like, bigger number should identify first and place the card right down corner. Later he should identify the next big number card and place right top corner (On the first big number card). Next he should identify the next big number card and place this card left top corner. Last card have to place in left down corner. Now he will get borrow math pattern.
Ex: If he get 7,8,4 and 9, first identify the big number, that is 9. So he should place 9 first at right down corner. Later next big number 8, he should place 8 on the 9. Next big number 7, he should place at left top corner i.e before next to 8. Then he should place the last card at left down corner i.e under the 7. now he will get this sum. 78
                                                         -  49
( Note: No two cards are same)                                                                                              
 In this arrange children can identify the big and smaller number, ascending and descending order and self learning. If he teaches multi class teaching such card activities help children and teacher to get some ample time to teach other classes.
(Arrangement pattern of cards-observe arrow directions)

(Children are bust in doing sums)


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