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ACTIVATE - A Digital Handbook for Teachers of English

A teacher handbook was written by me with my practical classroom activities to help teachers. It has full of project-based activities to learn English easily for primary students. Every lesson has a speaking, reading and writing activities along with classroom videos. If you interested to purchase the book please leave a message to my mail kouluri.rajesh@gmail.com or +91-9704487533. Thank you.
Book Price: 450rs (Courier Charges Extra)
KEY FEATURES: 1. First-ever teacher handbook with practical activities. 2. QR code for every activity. 3. Detailed transaction of every lesson with innovative learning-centered       learning material. 4. Each lesson has a speaking, writing and language game. 5. Supplementary activities with photocopiable worksheets. 4. Level specific and grade-specific teaching methods. 5. Specially designed video lessons to develop reading skills of low proficiency      children. *************** TOPICS: 1.Pet animals, 2.My habits, 3.Community helpers, 4.Our school, 5.Respect to the …

Teaching "Pronouns" - Digital Interaction and Writing Task.

Topic: Pronouns
Garde: Primary
Material: Digital Presentation (PPT) and Worksheet
Skills: Reading and Writing.
                              We are in the 21st century and students are smarter than the teachers. Students need more contextual knowledge and diverse explanations on the topic. So introducing the technology in an innovative way is required nowadays. Along with that, we should need testing tools to evaluate the students and diagnosis our teaching procedure. So I am using different worksheets to evaluate my students along with the Digital material. 

                                          I taught the grammar topic pronouns for my 4th-grade students using the digital material prepared by me. I explained pronouns replaces a noun and which nouns replace by which pronouns by using learner-centered touch and learn digital material. Students learned by touching the word and understand their own.
                                          later I gave a writing task to evaluate their understanding of the pronouns.  I provided a worksheet and facilitated them how to fill it.  Learning happened in a vigorous way. You can download the worksheet and PPT from the below links.

Download the Worksheet

Download the PPT


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