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Teaching Adverbs - Task Based Activity

Topic: Adverbs. Grade: 5th. Skills: Grammar and writing.
Grammar is one of the difficult parts of the language. Especially teaching grammar to the primary students is a very challenging task for the teachers. So some interactive activities and methods will help them to learn and understand the grammar easily and effectively. Here is a task-based activity which I used to teach adverbs to my children. I taught this topic after completion of the main lesson “Amar was late to school” by connecting the situations. You can read my previous post “task-based method to teach a story”. I have used the same picture story cards to start my class.

                               I started the session by pasting the picture cards along with time. Then I asked some questions based on the story and picture cards. 1. When did Amar wake up? 2. When did he have his bath? 3. When did he have his breakfast? 4. How did he reach school? 5. What time did he reach school? 6. Why was the school closed? 7. Wha…

"My 3 Best Story Teaching Methods to Develop Integrated Language Skills."

Where English is the second or third language, we need effective teaching methods to teach stories and texts at primary level so that our students develop all four language skills. And such methods should help teachers to minimize the use of the mother tongue and establish an English-speaking environment in the classrooms. Such methods should also help the students to develop and practise all four language skills for daily life situations. We also know that students at primary level are at a cognitive level whereby they are not interested in or able to learn by listening to the teacher teach. So keeping all these things in mind and the level of my students, I have been using three types of teaching method to teach stories and texts to my early primary students. These are...

1. Picture/Story Cards Method:
                            My children are very poor in English and it was quite difficult to develop reading skills with them. They couldn't even unders…