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A creative writing task on a city.

Topic: About your city. Grade: 4th class. Skills: Writing.                Writing is a complex skill to develop and master, focusing on both the end product and the steps to arrive there. Writing skills only develop when young learners are taught how to write and are given opportunities to practice these skills and strategies.                So such visual worksheets help young learners a lot to develop writing skills. Such worksheets and engaging writing tasks are very important, especially for second language learners. I gave this writing task after a lesson "A trip to Horsley Hills" The theme of the lesson is sightseeing. So after this, I asked my learners to write about their city.  Here is the digital lesson transaction. A trip to Horsley Hills

Download the Worksheet.

Antonyms Activity- "ANTonym Hill"

Topic: Opposite Words
Class: 3rd Grade
Skills: Vocabulary, Grammar, and Creative Expression.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"-Albert Einstein. I believe this great quotation because as a teacher I should aware of the content and standards of my children. So I always search for the right method and activity to carry into the classroom to give the best to my children.
         Here I found this ANTONYM activity on the PINTEREST and carried into my classroom. Once I taught opposite words in a period and informed to my children, you are going to design an ANT Hill in the next class. So I instructed my children to read the opposite words well to prepare the ANT hill.
         In the next class, I supplied the ants and hill and guided them how to prepare the ant hill. They coloured, pasted and wrote the opposite words on ants. Finally, they did very well. So right activity always explore the hidden skills of a child and helps to achieve…

"Adjective" - Grammar Activity and Language Game

Topic: Adjective Class: 3rd Grade Skills: Speaking, Writing, Grammar, and Creative Expression.
               Here is a set of transaction procedure to introduce the grammar topic "adjectives" to the primary class children. I started with a language game and later I gave a craft activity to my children to understand the topic well. Language Game: Snow Ball Fighting                It is one of the well-known language games to develop writing and creative expression skills. We played this game to describe his/her friend using adjectives during the introduction of the adjectives topic for the class 3rd.
How to Play: First I gave white papers to my children and asked them to write their name on the top of the paper. Later I asked them to crush the paper like a ball and stand in a circle. Later I instructed my children to shoot the paper ball among your friends. I let them play for a minute. And I asked them to stop, pick a ball and open the paper without showing to the others. Now I…