Innovative Story Reading Wheel -"The Elephant and Friends"

Lesson: The Elephant and Friends
Class  :  3rd
Subject: English
Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

               First I thank PINTEREST for sharing this great idea. I developed this story reading wheel to teach the lesson "The Elephant and Friends" and it worked tremendously. Children easily narrate the story using this story wheel. This was a story of an elephant wandered in a forest for searching for friends. The Elephant met monkey, frog, rabbit, and fox asked them "Will you be my friend?". But they refused and replied, "You are too big." Then a tiger in the forest trying to gobble up all the animals. The elephant heard this and want to save the animals. The elephant went to the tiger and requested, but finally, throw with its trunk. All the animals thanked the elephant.
                                  I gave this listening input to my children and they grasped very easily and retell the story quickly.

               Later I asked my children to narrate the story.

(Narrating the Story -Reading Activity)

             And finally, I prepared this worksheet for comprehension. Children completed the worksheet without any difficulty.

Download the worksheet


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