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A creative writing task on a city.

Topic: About your city. Grade: 4th class. Skills: Writing.                Writing is a complex skill to develop and master, focusing on both the end product and the steps to arrive there. Writing skills only develop when young learners are taught how to write and are given opportunities to practice these skills and strategies.                So such visual worksheets help young learners a lot to develop writing skills. Such worksheets and engaging writing tasks are very important, especially for second language learners. I gave this writing task after a lesson "A trip to Horsley Hills" The theme of the lesson is sightseeing. So after this, I asked my learners to write about their city.  Here is the digital lesson transaction. A trip to Horsley Hills

Download the Worksheet.

An Innovative Speaking Tool - MY SCHOOL

Class : 2nd. Lesson : MY SCHOOL. Language Skills : Speaking. 
                        We know very well listening is more important in learning the language. More listening leads to speak effectively. In order to develop the rest of the language skills we need to give more listening input to the children especially for second language learners. As the teachers we need to concentrate on to engage the children in such activities and use some interactive learning materials to speak and write more.                        I prepared  this speaking tool based on an activity in our textbook to create some curiosity among children I made this in an innovative way. Later I gave the description after a small interaction like.. This is our school. I like it very much This is our office room. This is our headmaster. This is our classroom I keep my classroom clean. This is our teacher. This is our library. I love my school.                     And then I asked few questions to my children,  "…

An Innovative Table Activity

Class : 2
Topic : Introducing Tables.
Lesson : Multiplication.

            I am very thankful to TEACHING IDEAS face book page sharing these great classroom ideas. My 2nd grade children enjoyed a lot during this activity. Innovative teaching always leads to great output and can stimulate the children learning characteristics. If you ask your children to write the 2nd table in a book they will not show interest to write. But if you do these type of activities children's learning definitely amazing. It needs only planning and preparation.
                   Here's a small activity I assigned to my children by supplying empty watches and asked them to write 2's table and prepare a watch like this. Even low proficiency children also done along with the A grade children.  


Class: 2 Lesson: MY SCHOOL RHYME Language Skills: Speaking, Writing and Creative Expression.
                         Children always enjoy the class when you make it joyful. And they enjoy the rhymes very well. In this rhyme, some action words sing, write and read and few adverbs loudly, neatly and joyfully are there. So teaching rhyme is not meant for the joy of children. We should concentrate on those language functions which they can use in real life situations. While teaching this rhyme I explained and made exercise to use those functions effectively. Here you can see my children how they were enjoying while singing the rhyme. Later I gave a small writing task with a craft activity. I asked my children to write "why do you love the school?" For this question, I supplied heart shapes to my children and asked them to write their reasons to love the school on it and paste in the answer paper in a flower shape. They did very well.   


Crafty Writing Activity

Topic: Why do you love trees? Class: 4 Language Skills: Creative expression and writing.
               We can target multiple language skills through a writing task. Today I asked my children to write about trees, "how do trees helpful to humans? and "Why do you love trees?" I explained the advantages of trees in the lesson GREEN IS LIFE to my children. Later I drag their attention to concentrate on the importance of trees, that's why we should care for the trees. Later I guided my children to write the advantages through a craft activity. Finally, they created a lovely garden.