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ACTIVATE - A Digital Handbook for Teachers of English

A teacher handbook was written by me with my practical classroom activities to help teachers. It has full of project-based activities to learn English easily for primary students. Every lesson has a speaking, reading and writing activities along with classroom videos. If you interested to purchase the book please leave a message to my mail kouluri.rajesh@gmail.com or +91-9704487533. Thank you.
Book Price: 450rs (Courier Charges Extra)
KEY FEATURES: 1. First-ever teacher handbook with practical activities. 2. QR code for every activity. 3. Detailed transaction of every lesson with innovative learning-centered       learning material. 4. Each lesson has a speaking, writing and language game. 5. Supplementary activities with photocopiable worksheets. 4. Level specific and grade-specific teaching methods. 5. Specially designed video lessons to develop reading skills of low proficiency      children. *************** TOPICS: 1.Pet animals, 2.My habits, 3.Community helpers, 4.Our school, 5.Respect to the …

Active Board Games for an Ergonomic Teaching

                  Board games play a crucial role in children's development and growth. It is an important aspect of brain development as they help acquire logical and reasoning skills, boost critical thinking and gain spatial reasoning. Playing board games helps with learning, social and communication skills as well. So here are some educational board games which can use in our classroom according to content or topic.

                             I found these games on the American English at State website and used in my class with relevant modifications according to my lessons. These games were helped me to comprehend my students and practicing the topic easily and effectively.
  • You need a dice to play these games.
  • Need a minimum of two players.
  • You can ask your pupil to say or write. 
  • Make sure you should pre-teach the topic and also give a demo before playing the game.
  •  I used this game to introduce pupils and also ask questions to know about another pupil.
  • Suppose a pupil can say "My name is Rajesh. or ask a question What is your name ?" when he gets his turn.

  • This is a good game to practice a phrase or sentence by introducing themselves.
  • I extended this game to practice an introducing sentence in a lesson.
  • There is an introductory sentence in the lesson "EKALAVYA." He introduced himself as "I am the son of the chief of the Nishadas."
  • So I prepared this game by adding famous persons in history and also included "you" and "your friend" to say about themselves.                                        

  • To write and practice a sentence using an adverb.


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